Greetings from Germany.

My name is Ulf Glattkowski. In live in Germany near the Danish Border. My profession is Export Specialist. I was certified as such by the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce after a 3-year work and learning period with an export company.

I have spent 30 years around the world selling my “Know-How on how to do business in Germany”. This took me to many wonderful regions like Far East, Near East, USA, Australia, Pacific and, of course, many countries in Europe.

I can provide the right information, or do research, or find sales partners here. Or advise on travel for business or pleasure.

Companies will enjoy our monthly news aimed at exactly the field of business they are active in. This starts with the first order they place with us and continues for a full year.

You may contact me on:

With greetings from the shores of the Baltic Sea,
Ulf Glattkowski

Glattkowski Strategic Management
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